Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Magazine Publication Advertisement

When designing a magazine publication ad, first take the time to study what ads have been the most successful. What kind of magazine would you see them in? Does the advertisement use images or words to convey the message that they are trying to get across? For this project we were handed the task of designing a large and small publication for a company, campaign, or product of our choice, and our goal to to convey a message using similar styles to the most successful advertisements we have viewed recently. Some important aspects we had to consider for this design were:

  • Size
  • Bleeds
  • Color Mode
  • File format desired by publisher
  • Live Area
  • Trim Size
For my publication I chose to advertise a business located in my area called Fastlane Performance. This business specializes in customization of vehicles, tires, graphics, stereo, window tint, etc. So in return I need to design something that will speak to a mid to high class audience, that enjoys or desires top of the line vehicle care and show quality customization while using minimal text and majority photographic.

My small publication is designed with no bleeds and stands vertical at 2.31" by 9.75". For this ad I chose to use text rather than a photograph due to the smaller live area I had to work with.
Thumbnail sketches for the small publication ad
Rough sketch of the final small advertisement design.

For the large version of my publication I chose to do a full page ad using a strong photograph to emphasize the capabilities and style that the business has to offer. This particular ad has a full bleed at 0.25 inches and the full live area is 8.875" x 11.375".

Thumbnails for the full page version of the Fastlane Performance ad.

Rough sketch of the full page ad design. For those that are unfamiliar,  a box with a large "X" indicates in image area in a rough sketch design. This ad will display a full page, full bleed photograph.

Small screen shot of the final product proof.

Screen shot of the full final proof.

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